December 2017

2017 – UniBond Joins Deshler Group

In 2017, Deshler acquired Uni-Bond Brake, LLC, a well-known heavy duty brake component manufacturer in Ferndale, Michigan. UniBond is now part of Amanda Products and is the eighth member of the Deshler family of companies.

July 2016

2016 – Deshler Acquires MSD Stamping

In 2016, Deshler Group purchased MSD Stamping in Livonia, Michigan, rebranding it as Amanda Manufacturing Michigan, adding capacity and expanding Amanda's product offerings.

January 2014

2014 – DAP Becomes Amanda International

In 2014, DAP began operating under its new name, Amanda International, highlighting its quality products, close ties to Amanda Manufacturing, and growing importance in the global manufacturing community.

2014 – Amanda Bent Bolt Renamed as Amanda Manufacturing

In 2014, Amanda Bent Bolt became Amanda Manufacturing. This new title embodies both the company’s extensive metalforming capabilities and its commitment to strong US-based manufacturing.

January 2013

2013 – Amanda Products Launches

In 2013, Deshler founded its new brand, Amanda Products, an innovative aftermarket parts manufacturer drawing upon the heritage of Amanda Bent Bolt, now renamed Amanda Manufacturing.

January 2011

2011 – GTM Adds Supply Chain Capability

In 2011, Feblo acquired 50% of Global Transportation Management, a successful transportation and logistics company originally founded by Mark Brodie in 2007. The company was moved to Livonia, Michigan to solidify Deshler’s complete supply chain

January 2010

2010 – Founding of GS3

Also in 2010, GS3 was born, leveraging Lisa Lunsford’s information technology experience to forge a highly-regarded, comprehensive supply chain management company.

2010 – Manufacturing, Assembly and Distribution

In 2010, as head of Deshler Group, Robert Gruschow focused Amanda on manufacturing and Feblo on assembly and distribution.

January 2009

2009 – Amanda Bent Bolt and Claude Sintz Merge

Starting in 2009, Deshler merged Claude Sintz with Amanda Bent Bolt, consolidating their facilities in Logan, Ohio.

January 2005

2005 – Deshler Begins International Expansion – DAP Founded in Costa Rica

In 2005, Deshler began its international expansion into Central America, founding DAP and becoming a global supplier.

January 2003

2003 – Deshler Purchases AWT

Deshler acquired AWT, a stamping company, in 2003. This allowed Deshler to directly produce welded assemblies and rods, rather than relying on subcontractors.

January 1989

1989 – Founding of AMI

In 1989, Deshler Group formed AMI, a company that developed an industry-first software solution supporting nation-wide tire inventory and logistics for Ford Motor Company dealerships.

January 1984

1984-88 – Amanda Bent Bolt Expansion

In 1984, the company built a new factory home for Amanda Bent Bolt in Logan, Ohio.  By 1988, Amanda had expanded into other industries, parts, and techniques, doubling the factory in size.

January 1978

1978 – Deshler Purchases Amanda Bent Bolt

In 1978, Deshler purchased and renamed Amanda Bent Bolt, a u-bolt and rod company now doing business as Amanda Manufacturing.

January 1970

1970s – A Software Pioneer

In the 1970s, Feblo pioneered warehousing and distribution software systems written specifically for the automotive industry.

January 1968

1968 – Deshler Acquires Claude Sintz

In 1968, Deshler Group, with partial financing from Feblo, acquired Claude Sintz.

February 1948

Feblo Founded in 1948

Founded in 1948, Feblo International, LLC started in gasket kitting and assembly. It later moved to packaging for Ford Motor Company in the 1960s and GM in 1999.