As growth in post-war America accelerated, so too did Deshler. Once known for gasket kitting and assembly, Deshler Group is now a collection of expertise that includes logistics, transportation, supply chain management, and warehousing. At the same time, Deshler has continued its strong manufacturing and assembly tradition, now making hundreds of products and assembling parts for diverse customers.

Deshler Group’s beginnings were modest, but its ambitions never were. Learn more about Deshler’s seven distinct brands and how they unite to provide complete solutions for every customer.

Since 1948, Feblo International, LLC has created cost-effective, highly successful custom packaging, warehousing and distribution solutions. Feblo provides all of its customers — including industry leaders such as Ford and GM — with individually-tailored systems to track shipments and maintain inventory.  Offering multiple secured locations for storage solutions, Feblo stores Tier 1 suppliers’ parts and ships them to their final destinations. The company also supports global distribution, provides light assembly, engineers integrated IT systems and offers comprehensive packing solutions.

Drawing upon four decades of excellence in design, Amanda Products is a new division of Amanda Manufacturing. Amanda Products designs and produces innovative parts for many original equipment manufacturers. Known for its exclusive SpeedHook™ design that solves the problem of tow straps detaching or sustaining damage, Amanda Products also manufactures parts for the off-road market and beyond.  Among the hundreds of metal-formed parts and assemblies they offer are hood-prop rods; hood, door, and seat strikers; muffler hangers; fender braces; manual shift assemblies; and other tow hooks. Moreover, every Amanda Products part is expertly engineered, thoroughly tested and professionally manufactured in the U.S.A.

Since 1953, Amanda Manufacturing has designed, engineered, and manufactured cold and technical formed rod and wire products for any application.  Offering high-quality products at affordable prices, Amanda Manufacturing has become known for its consistency and  superior standards, as well as for offering innovative solutions for customer problems.  Every Amanda Manufacturing service — bending, stamping, welding, cold heading, rod threading, assembly and advanced engineering technology — is managed, staffed, designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Founded in 2010, GS3 is supply chain management perfected.  The company creates valuable solutions for customers large and small, by streamlining processes and leveraging technologies. The result is a lean, competitive infrastructure that delivers on price and supply. GS3 works directly with clients’ supply chain teams to create focused, efficient and rapid solutions, including warehousing, packaging, assembly, sequencing, distribution and manufacturing.

Global Transportation Management, LLC (GTM) offers complete freight logistics services encompassing domestic and international transport, via land, ocean and air. Employing its global network of transport and warehouse providers, GTM has the capacity to meet any customer’s freight, warehousing and packaging needs. Its services include professional planning, management and execution of comprehensive transportation operations, supported by innovative technology solutions, as well as warehousing, distribution, assembly, packaging and sequencing. GTM is perfectly positioned to meet a customer’s every logistical requirement with accuracy and excellence.

Amanda International, an automotive parts manufacturer, was founded in Costa Rica in 2007. Amanda International employs a conscientious, skilled labor force to produce stampings and OEM production parts.  It serves as a leader in the automotive industry, as it is the only stamping company in Costa Rica providing components to North and Central America.  Amanda International offers proven expertise, knowledge of the latest techniques and products known for their superior quality and value.

Founded in 1952, UniBond is a manufacturer of brake components, brake shoes and related hardware. Based in Ferndale, Michigan and formerly known as Uni-Bond Brake, LLC, the company is known for its craftsmanship and reliability. UniBond produces parts for both heavy-duty vehicles and automotive, designing its products for durability and efficiency.  In 2017, Deshler Group acquired UniBond and this new affiliate is now part of Amanda Products, our award-winning aftermarket parts company.