Seven Brands over Seven Decades.

Today’s Deshler Group is a collection of companies with expertise in manufacturing, assembly, logistics, transportation, supply chain management, warehousing and information technology. Over the years, our creative collaborations and flexible thinking across these organizations have proven to be crucial differentiators for our customers.

Our people are the reason these collaborations work. Deshler organizations hire staff not just to do a job, but to develop expertise, build careers, and contribute to their communities. We know from experience that when we invest in our team members, and by extension the community, our staff feels supported, comfortable and free to ideate.

Design Engineering and Manufacturing

Building on decades of metal form design and manufacturing innovation, our dedicated and highly skilled teams deliver high-quality, award-winning products for the automotive industry and consumer market.

Off-Road Consumer Products

Amanda Products creates and produces innovative parts for original equipment manufacturers and for the consumer market. Known for its SEMA award-winning SpeedHook™ design that solves the problem of tow straps detaching or sustaining damage, Amanda Products researches and develops innovative parts for the off-road community, including doors, bumpers and a patented independent suspension conversion kit. We expertly engineer, thoroughly test, and professionally manufacture every Amanda Products part in the U.S.A.

Metalform Engineering & Production

Since 1953, Amanda Manufacturing has designed, engineered, and manufactured cold and technical formed rod and wire products for any application. Offering high-quality products at affordable prices, the company is known for consistency and  superior standards, and for offering innovative solutions for customer problems. Every Amanda Manufacturing service, including bending and CNC wire forming, riveting, staking, press operations, stamping, welding, thread rolling, cold heading, rod threading, assembly and advanced engineering technology, is managed, staffed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Component Manufacturing

Amanda International, an automotive parts manufacturer, was founded in Costa Rica in 2007. Its conscientious and skilled labor force employs progressive stamping, welding, forming, bending, coining and piercing techniques to create high-quality OEM production parts. A leader in the automotive industry, Amanda International is the only automotive stamping company in Costa Rica providing components to North and Central America. Amanda International offers proven expertise, knowledge of the latest techniques, and products known for their superior quality and value.

Heavy-Duty & Automotive Products

Founded in 1952, UniBond is a manufacturer of wheel kits, brake shoes and related hardware. Based in Ferndale, Michigan and formerly known as Uni-Bond Brake, LLC, the company is known for its craftsmanship and reliability. UniBond produces parts for both heavy-duty vehicles and automotive, designing its products for durability and efficiency. Deshler Group acquired UniBond in 2017.

Integration and Assembly

From assembly and supply chain management to quality control, packaging and distribution, our teams’ expertise and ideas influence complex product and capacity development for existing and growing industries.

Packaging, Warehousing & Distribution

Since 1948, Feblo International, LLC has designed cost-effective, custom packaging, warehousing and distribution solutions. Feblo provides its customers, including OE manufacturers, with individually-tailored systems to track shipments and maintain inventory. Offering multiple secured locations for storage solutions, Feblo provides quality management for Tier 1 suppliers’ parts, before storing and then shipping them to their final destinations. Feblo also supports global supply chain management, provides light assembly, and engineers integrated IT systems.

Component Assemblies, Tube Bending & CNC Wire Bending

Founded in 2010, GS3’s mission is to integrate the operations of production into design, to develop unique and complex products. As a preferred OEM bent metal and assembly provider, GS3 is committed to influencing the innovation of transportation. Its expert manufacturing team is also a learning organization ready to mold and nurture the next generation of engineers.

Transportation and Logistics

Our global logistics team delivers expert, reliable multi-modal transportation options, freight management, and customs clearance support for customers around the world.

Global Logistics & Transportation

Global Transportation Management, LLC (GTM) offers domestic and international total freight logistics services for transport via land, ocean and air. Working with its global partners, GTM has the capacity to meet any customer’s freight and customs clearance needs. Its offerings also include planning and execution of comprehensive transportation operations, fleet management, trucking, project cargo, customs brokerage, and automotive services. GTM is perfectly positioned to meet a customer’s every logistical requirement with accuracy and excellence.