Deshler Group is a family of companies that, while enormously successful on their own, also recognize that unity is the ultimate asset.  In seamless partnership, Deshler creates solutions for its customers’ toughest challenges, while relentlessly driving forward their own efficient processes and product innovations. Manufacturing, assembly, packaging, logistics and information technology: Deshler does all of it, with efficiency and innovation.  Every time.


Today fully united, Deshler Group has grown in size and scope since its first member, Feblo, was founded in 1948.  For almost 70 years, Deshler has transformed, augmented and focused its services to serve customers in many industries.  Though its roots began in the automotive realm, it continues to expand its reach today.  A proven leader across many fields – including information technology, manufacturing, packaging, storage and global logistics – Deshler is also known for its ability to anticipate problems and to proactively develop innovative solutions.


Evolution: the Deshler secret.  Although Deshler began in automotive parts manufacturing, its reach has grown exponentially.  Working together, its companies create and fulfill complete solutions for customers’ challenges. While pursuing this united effort, Deshler has become known for its talent, drive, and ingenuity.  Deshler’s ability – to engineer, manufacture, package, store, ship and track many items, from start to finish, from door to door – is why it is uniquely qualified to serve you – whoever you are or whomever you represent.


Deshler’s strength is your solution. Customers’ needs are often complex, and Deshler knows how to create, carry out and closely monitor intelligent, multi-faceted solutions.  Its professional staff understands this and consistently offers expertly-run programs to meet your particular needs, maintaining complete focus on every detail, from start to finish.  Whether you are seeking new engineering, an international shipment, creative warehousing solutions, a part modification or project planning, Deshler can – and will – deliver.


Deshler professionals do not just solve customers’ problems — they anticipate their questions.  Your needs are their opportunities.  Every question you ask will be met with commitment and innovation, your plans with a sense of mission.  For Deshler, complete service, efficient work, cost-effective solutions and creative thinking are only the beginning.