Global Transportation Management commences North Carolina operations as EGGER Wood Products’ Lexington plant moves ahead with production and distribution

LEXINGTON, North Carolina – International logistics firm Global Transportation Management (GTM USA), headquartered in Michigan, has started logistics operations as the dedicated carrier for EGGER Wood Products’ production facility in Lexington, North Carolina, building upon GTM’s ongoing partnership with the international wood-based materials manufacturer and supplier. The five-year commitment between GTM and EGGER is a continuation of a successful relationship started in 2016, and marks the next phase of expanding EGGER’s continental distribution network from its first North American facility.

Headquartered in Tyrol, Austria, EGGER is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wood-based materials to the construction, flooring and furniture industries. Their partnership with GTM in North Carolina advances development of the company’s North American presence, establishing a network of warehouses and freight-forwarders across the U.S. and Canada.

“Our team worked very diligently, both in the office and out on the road, to make this partnership with EGGER a reality, and we’ve put a strong focus on aligning with their values over the last three-and-a-half years, adapting and integrating our operations with the systems already in place at EGGER,” said Mark Brodie, founder and managing partner of GTM.  “We’ve logged hundreds of hours with key members of our team, training in both the U.S. and in Austria, to get hands-on training with EGGER’s IT systems and standard procedures, and the growth of our partnership really speaks to the value of our investment in building a shared commitment to expertise and trust.”

Concurrent with construction of the particleboard manufacturing and lamination facility in Lexington, GTM began their relationship with EGGER in 2016, serving as a storage and distribution center based in Michigan for EGGER’s furniture and interior design product line, the fastest growing segment of the company’s portfolio.

“Now that many of EGGER’s products are being stocked here in the U.S., dealers and consumers in North America can get what they need right away, rather than waiting weeks for orders to travel by sea carrier from Europe,” said Brodie.  “As this new facility ramps up domestic production, GTM’s role is really focused on reducing that fulfillment time and streamlining the freight costs, which is crucial to making this partnership a win for everyone involved.”

GTM was founded in 2006 by Brodie, a shipping industry veteran who devoted over three decades of experience to building his logistics start-up into a respected global brand.  By 2011, Brodie’s efforts had paid off, and he was ready to take the next step in the development of the company, pursuing a diversified strategy beyond their established expertise in automotive, industrial and retail clients, adding high-tech medical equipment transport and storage to the company’s capabilities

“While we’ve made our success in the global marketplace by staying nimble and being able to focus our expertise on meeting a variety of demands across very different industries, the long-term relationship with EGGER really gives us the opportunity to put our heads together with our partners and craft end-to-end supply chain solutions from the ground up,” said Joe Field, GTM’s senior director of operations for North America.

“It’s a terrific advantage to be involved at this early stage, to bring together the GTM team’s decades of logistics experience in the North American market with EGGER’s global reputation, best practices and dedication to efficiency and local integration with the community, “said Field. “This collaboration over the last few years has enabled us to put together a shared road map that’s now paying off as we get operations underway, with a customized facility and a growing fleet to serve a brand-new production facility that’s shipping to market ahead of schedule.”

GTM’s North Carolina operations are headquartered in purpose-built, 20,000 square-foot office and distribution facility located in Linwood, a mile from EGGER’s manufacturing facility.  In addition to Brodie’s 40 years of leadership experience and Field’s decades of expertise, GTM’s day-to-day operations will be spearheaded by industry veteran Patrick Clancy, who joined the company in 2020 as operations director for North Carolina.

Beginning his thirty-year logistics career in the United States Air Force, Clancy has provided his expertise in transportation, inventory control and procurement in senior leadership roles with national and global companies including Ryder, Estes Express Lines, Aramark and Ettline Foods. Managing GTM’s role as EGGER’s primary distribution partner and dedicated truck fleet in the U.S. and Canada, Clancy oversees GTM’s day-to-day and long-term role in providing comprehensive transportation services, coordinating logistics, budget and personnel at every stage.

“When we say that we’re part of an end-to-end operation here with EGGER, we’re talking about supporting a facility that houses the manufacturing process from the earliest stages through distribution to market, so we’re serious about treating our role as part of an all-inclusive, comprehensive process,” said Clancy.  “While working in trucks from GTM’s existing fleet, we’ve been able to bring in custom-built semis that utilize a sliding tarp system, and we’ve been able to construct the infrastructure of our facility to maximize these kinds of application-specific capabilities that give us the capability to ramp up operations very quickly by design.”

“Of course, being involved and integrated with EGGER gives us the perspective to be able to understand where the pressure points are, and provides us with the confidence to innovate our process as needed, which can only work to everyone’s benefit,” said Clancy.

Looking ahead to the future, Brodie projects that GTM’s work with EGGER will grow over the next two years to employ over 130 people, including drivers and support staff.  Reflecting on the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Brodie notes that, while the execution of a major expansion is always a balancing act, it was the foundation of trust and expertise developed over many years that made it possible to weather an unpredictable jolt to the global economy while keeping the focus on a complex, long-term goal.

“We’ve worked diligently to earn the trust and increased business of our current customers over the years, and I can’t think of a more challenging time to be adapting to the steep shifts in supply-chain demands than over the past year of the pandemic,” said Brodie.  “But as our success with EGGER shows, maintaining strong and trusting relationships in the good times will see you in good stead when things get tough, and with this multi-year project underway, despite everything that’s going on, we see that the trends are really on our side for continued growth.”

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